CoMo HPC Cluster (Kraftwerk)

Computer Cluster © Weerapong Phadungsukanan

The backbone of Kraftwerk is an SGI Altix Cluster. This configuration gives us 352 cores, 352 Gb RAM with 25 Tb of local disk space and 10 Tb of shared cluster file system storage. The Infiniband interconnect provides 20 Gb/s bandwidth with a 140 nanosecond latency. The end-to-end MPI latency is less than 2 microseconds. 336 of the cores are provided by 42 dual socket XE320 1U rack mount compute nodes. Each node consists of two 3.00 GHz quad core Intel Harpertown processors (with 12 Mb, 1.6Ghz FSB), giving eight cores in total, forming a single symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) unit with 8 Gb of RAM and 250 Gb of local disk space. This is augmented with a 20 node AMD Opteron cluster, and a 14 node Beowulf cluster, giving 406 cores in total.

The cluster is currently ostensibly used for a number of extremely computationally intensive, highly parallelisable activities which divide mainly into three categories: density functional theory (DFT), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and stochastic modelling. In addition to this the cluster is also used throughout the year for undergraduate and MPhil teaching activities.