Procter & Gamble Particle Modelling Meeting

Wednesday 14th February, 2007

A half-day event organised by the CoMo Group to showcase the modelling achievements and vision of the group, as well as highlighting some of the best work from other groups at the Department of Chemical Engineering in Cambridge. The theme of the day was powder modelling, with topics of discussion ranging from simulating nano-particle formation and encapsulation to extrusion and mixing. The session was attended by several Procter and Gamble representatives from Cincinnati and Newcastle, including Larry Genskow, P&G's Technical Director in Corporate Engineering.

Programme of Events

09.00 Arrival
09.10 Modelling Across the Length Scales - Download
Dr. Markus Kraft and members of the CoMo Group
09.50 Coffee and Discussions
10.05 Imaging and Characterisation capabilities of the Magnetic Resonance Research Centre
Dr. Mike Johns
10.45 Coffee and Discussions
11.05 Modelling work of the Powder and Pastes Group
Dr. Ian Wilson
12.00 Close