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We are recruiting!
25th September, 2017

UK/EU Studentship in Computational Chemical Engineering
23rd April, 2015

2nd prize at the 12th UK Particle Technology Forum
30th September, 2014

Post-doctoral Research Associate in Computational Chemical Engineering
29th July, 2014

Positions available at Cambridge Center for Carbon Reduction in Chemical Technology (C4T) within Cambridge CARES in Singapore
24th April, 2014

Laboratory technician position available
22nd April, 2014

Two post-doctoral research associate positions available
14th April, 2014

Jethro Akroyd elected to Fellow of Churchill College
24th October, 2013

PhD studentship for UK/EU nationals in Computational Chemical Engineering (Fixed Term)
10th September, 2013

Fully funded PhD studentships available for Home/EU students
6th May, 2013

Biomass fuelled power generation with CO2 capture
1st May, 2013

CoMo Group to investigate the potential of combining algae and solar power for low carbon fuels and commodity chemicals
11th April, 2012

CoMo article makes it to the front page!
9th February, 2012

Preprint 114 published
19th January, 2012

Professor Kraft awarded CeNIDE Guest Professorship
2nd December, 2011

Preprint 108 published
22nd September, 2011

Preprint 107 published
23rd August, 2011

Preprint 106 published
15th August, 2011

Preprint 105 published
5th August, 2011

Preprint 104 published
12th July, 2011

PhD studentships available
4th July, 2011

Preprint 103 published
16th May, 2011

Preprint 102 published
5th May, 2011

CoMo group hosts LiLa Conference 2011
6th April, 2011

PhD studentship available
30th March, 2011

Preprint 101 published
29th March, 2011

The group scores a century
14th January, 2011

Preprint 99 published
20th December, 2010

Preprint 98 published
7th September, 2010

Group members attend combustion symposium in Beijing
7th August, 2010

Preprint 97 published
21st July, 2010

CoMo-led team receives Best Paper Award at REV 2010
5th July, 2010

Multiple awards at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress
23rd June, 2010

Professor Kraft invited to Shanghai
24th May, 2010

PhD Studentship Available
12th May, 2010

Group Members Attend Nuremberg Conference
12th May, 2010

Preprint 96 published
12th April, 2010

Laurence McGlashan wins best speaker prize
31st March, 2010

Preprint 95 published
23rd March, 2010

Preprint 94 published
19th February, 2010

Preprint 93 published
16th February, 2010

Preprint 92 published
5th February, 2010

Preprint 91 published
18th January, 2010

Preprint 90 published
12th January, 2010

Preprint 89 published
11th January, 2010

Preprint 88 published
10th January, 2010

Preprint 87 published
9th January, 2010

Preprint 86 published
8th January, 2010

Preprint 85 published
22nd December, 2009

Preprint 84 published
5th November, 2009

Preprint 83 published
4th November, 2009

Preprint 82 published
28th October, 2009

Shekar takes gold
14th October, 2009

Preprint 81 published
11th September, 2009

Preprint 80 published
10th August, 2009

Preprint 79 published
6th August, 2009

Preprint 78 published
4th August, 2009

Dr Markus Kraft and Dr Robert Patterson receive the Ricardo award
20th July, 2009

Preprint 77 published
19th July, 2009

IChemE workshop great success
7th July, 2009

Preprint 76 published
26th June, 2009

CoMo group hosts workshop on population balance modelling
22nd June, 2009

Preprint 75 published
8th June, 2009

Preprint 74 Published
3rd June, 2009

Preprint 73 Published
1st June, 2009

Preprint 72 Published
6th May, 2009

Preprint 71 Published
27th April, 2009

Preprint 70 Published
23rd April, 2009

Preprint 69 Published
31st March, 2009

Preprint 68 Published
3rd March, 2009

Preprint 67 Published
17th February, 2009

Preprint 66 Published
29th January, 2009

First year PhD candidates present their findings
28th January, 2009

Preprint 65 Published
26th January, 2009

Preprint 64 Published
21st January, 2009

Preprint 63 Published
22nd December, 2008

Preprint 62 Published
15th December, 2008

First year PhD candidates present their findings
15th October, 2008

Preprint 61 Published
8th October, 2008

CoMo Group Welcomes New Members at Summer BBQ
9th September, 2008

32nd International Symposium on Combustion, McGill University, Montreal
13th August, 2008

Preprint 60 Published
2nd July, 2008

Preprint 59 Published
23rd June, 2008

Preprint 58 Published
29th May, 2008

Preprint 57 Published
28th May, 2008

Preprint 56 Published
1st May, 2008

Post Doc is now post doc!
11th April, 2008

Conference on Inter-University Teaching and its Funding in the UK
14th March, 2008

CoMo Group Masters Students Win Poster Prize
3rd March, 2008

Preprint 55 Published
25th January, 2008

Preprint 54 Published
20th January, 2008

Christmas Comes Early for Two CoMo Group Members
22nd December, 2007

Preprint 53 Published
18th December, 2007

Preprint 52 Published
17th December, 2007

New Engines Section Added to CoMo Group Website
11th December, 2007

Preprint 51 Published
5th November, 2007

Six New PhD Students Join the CoMo Group
29th October, 2007

CoMo Group in Pan-European Research Network
23rd October, 2007

Markus Kraft and Neal Morgan win the Gaydon Prize
26th September, 2007

Recipes Added to the Website
20th August, 2007

Preprint 50 Published
3rd August, 2007

Dr. Hongzhi Zhang Visits the CoMo Group
31st July, 2007

Preprint 49 Published
26th July, 2007

PhD studentship vacancies
11th June, 2007

Postdoctoral and PhD studentship vacancies
27th March, 2007

New Teaching Materials Section
22nd January, 2007

Prizes for CoMo Group Members
12th December, 2006

Cambridge Weblab Goes Live!
8th December, 2006

New Website Goes Live!
1st December, 2006

The Cambridge Soot Simulator
1st October, 2006

Pictures from the reactors exercise
8th March, 2006

Building a Weblab on Reactors
10th December, 2005

Weblabs in Chemical Engineering Workshop
8th July, 2005

Control Exercise
8th January, 2005

Cambridge Students Perform Experiment at MIT over the internet - a CMI funded initiative
7th December, 2004

The 2004 autumn meeting of the Combustion Institute (British Section) on Particles in Flames
20th September, 2004

30th International Symposium on Combustion, the University of Illinois, Chicago on July 25th-30th 2004
25th June, 2004