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Cambridge Weblab Goes Live!

Photo of the speakers at the WebLab's launch

The opening ceremony for the Cambridge Weblab, developed by members of the CoMo Group, took place on the 8th December 2006. This event brought together delegates from industry and universities with a common interest in process control, chemical engineering, and e-learning. In addition, there were several dignitaries in attendance, including the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Prof. Ian Leslie and Executive Director of the CMI, Prof. Mike Gregory. Demonstrating the Weblab's capacity for remote operation, the opening took place via an internet connection, with the official commissioning accompanied by speeches and talks. After the opening, the delegates were able to get hands-on experience of the Weblab during a discussion and demonstration session followed by a lunch at Emmanuel College.

The event was sponsored by Siemens and CMI and senior representatives from both organisations were present at the launch. CMI has funded the Weblabs project from its inception, and Siemens generously donated all the control equipment and considerable time and expertise to ensure it ran smoothly from the outset.


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