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Multiple awards at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress

23rd June, 2010

Figure for Preprint 96 Amit Bhave and Jon Etheridge from the CoMo Group presented five technical papers at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress, in Detroit, USA, 13-15 April 2010. SAE World Congress is one of the most reputed engineering conferences for the automotive industry with attendance topping 10,000, mostly from engineering and executive disciplines.

Amit, an Affiliated Research Fellow in the Computational Modelling Group, has been awarded the SAE World Congress Outstanding Oral Award for the technical paper, 'Moving Toward Establishing More Robust and Systematic Model Development for IC Engines Using Process Informatics'. He thanked Caterpillar UK and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) for co-funding part of the work.

Figure for Preprint 96 At the event's industrial exhibition, Amit also represented cmcl innovations, the SME, which received the AEI 2010 Tech Award. From the many technologies exhibited, the editors of Automotive Engineering International selected ten innovative technologies in different categories to receive this award. cmcl innovations received the AEI 2010 Tech Award in the category of simulation software.

Figure for Preprint 96 cmcl innovations was also awarded Industry Innovator 2010 at the Detroit event. The team's srm suite, an advanced engine simulator for fuels, combustion and emissions was also featured in an article entitled Emissions reduction through advanced engine models. Amit expressed his appreciation for all the hard work put in by the team at cmcl innovations and the collaborators from the CoMo Group and the industrial partners.