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CoMo Group to investigate the potential of combining algae and solar power for low carbon fuels and commodity chemicals

11th April, 2012


The CoMo Group will shortly begin analysing the potential of C-FAST (Carbon negative Fuels derived from Algal and Solar Technologies) plants having successfully won a TSB competition to carry out a detailed design and feasibility study into next generation Carbon Abatement Technologies.

In collaboration with cmcl innovations, the CoMo Group will investigate the techno-economics of a C-FAST pilot plant, which aims to produce algal-derived liquid hydrocarbon fuels (e.g. biodiesel), powered by CSP with the capacity to generate excess energy to feed into the electricity grid. The C-FAST project has the capacity to produce algal-derived biodiesel and desalinated water as well as to generate electricity for the power grid. This addresses many critical challenges in modern and future world energy supplies.

The main objectives of the project are to

  • Carry out a detailed techno-economic assessment of the C-FAST pilot plant
  • Investigate long term value of future revenues (carbon credits, desalinated water, power grid, biodiesel, naphtha, high value chemicals, etc.)
  • To demonstrate how different production scales can benefit the UK-EU with regards to their energy concerns
  • Establish and develop a UK-based supply chain.