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In September 2006 I graduated with a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Zaragoza (Spain). In 2007 I joined the Group of Thermochemical Processes in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering from the same University as a Ph.D student. My Ph.D is being financially supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education, which has also awarded a grant for me in order to visit the CoMo Group. My current research is related soot formation processes from acetylene-ethanol and ethylene-ethanol mixtures and the focus, so far, has been on experimental studies which have provided a significant amount of experimental data in which the influence of different parameters can be drawn. Experimental data have been interpreted through a detailed chemical kinetic model, which only includes gas-phase reactions. In relation to this, and given the known expertice of CoMo Group in soot modeling, the aim of my visit is to establish a collaboration which could lead to interesting results.

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Gas and soot products formed in the pyrolysis of acetylene–ethanol blends under flow reactor conditions ,

Claudia Esarte, Angela Millera, Rafael Bilbao, and Maria U. Alzueta, Fuel Processing Technology 90, 496-503, (2009)

Oxidation of acetylene−ethanol mixtures and their interaction with NO,

Maria Abian, Claudia Esarte, Angela Millera, Rafael Bilbao, and Maria U. Alzueta, Energy and Fuels 22, 3814-3823, (2008)

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