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I was a member of the CoMo group for six years, undertaking a UROP project over the summer of 2003 investigating stochastic chemistry models in HCCI applications. I then completed my master's research project investigating novel moment closure methods for turbulent reactive flows under the supervision of Dr. Markus Kraft. In 2004, after graduating with an MEng in Chemical Engineering, I began a PhD in the group. Throughout my time in Cambridge I was a member of King's College.

My PhD, funded by the EPSRC and P&G, was concerned with modelling spray drying towers, specifically focussing on modelling the drying of single droplets. This work cut across several areas of interest within the group - CFD, Particles Processes and Numerics. The involvement of Procter and Gamble meant there was also a strong and valuable industrial element. During the course of my PhD, I presented results from my work at several conferences across the UK as well as at the Third International Conference on Population Balance Modelling in Quebec City, Canada. My thesis, 'Simulating Droplet Drying and Particle Formation in Spray Towers', was submitted in 2008 and I am now working for McKinsey and Company in their London office.

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Recent Presentations

Recent Conferences


Part IIB: Modelling the Mean Reaction Rate in Turbulent Reacting Flows

2004, supervised by Markus Kraft

CPGS: Spray Dryer Modelling

2005, supervised by Markus Kraft and Andrew E Bayly

PhD Thesis: Simulating Droplet Drying and Particle Formation in Spray Towers (3.07 MB)

2008, supervised by Markus Kraft and Andrew E Bayly

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