Shraddha Shekar

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I hold a B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India. I joined the CoMo group as a research student in October 2008 after having completed my MPhil in Advanced Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. My current work involves modelling various chemical systems using quantum chemistry calculations. I am a member of New Hall (Murray Edwards) college, and am being funded by Cambridge Commonwealth Trust and New Hall BP Centenary Bursary.

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Recent Presentations


MPhil Thesis: Ab-initio modelling of the gas phase kinetic mechanism that leads to the formation of silver nanoparticles from silver nitrate

2008, supervised by Markus Kraft

CPGS: Study of gas-phase decomposition of Tetraethoxysilane

2009, supervised by Markus Kraft

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Telephone:Department +44 (0)1223 762785
Address:Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Cambridge
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