Technical Report 123, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge

The suitability of particle models in capturing aggregate structure and polydispersity

ref: Technical Report 123, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge

Associated Theme: Nanoparticles


This work presents the mathematical formulation of particle models commonly used in aerosol dynamics of nanoparticles. A detailed numerical study is conducted in order to understand under which conditions these models differ. The silica model of Shekar et al. (2012, J. Aerosol Sci. 44 83-98) and silicon model of Menz et al. (2013, Combustion & Flame, accepted for publication) model taken from the literature are analysed using three different particle models, demonstrating that substantial errors can be incurred when using a particle model inappropriate for a particular modelling application. It is concluded that the suitability of a particular particle model for a modelling purpose is dependent on the characteristic sintering and coagulation timescales of the system. The influence of particle rounding due to heterogeneous surface growth remains to be quantified.

Material from this preprint has been published in: Aerosol Science and Technology 47, 734-745, (2013)


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