Technical Report 181, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge

Towards a novel ontological infrastructure for chemical process simulation and optimization in the context of eco-industrial parks

ref: Technical Report 181, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge

Authors: Li Zhou, Ming Pan, Janusz Sikorski, Sushant Garud, Leonardus Kevin Aditya, Martin J. Kleinelanghorst, Iftekhar A. Karimi, and Markus Kraft

Associated Theme: Numerics


In this paper, we introduce the concept of constructing an ontology-based expert system called J-Park Simulator (JPS) for the design and operation of eco-industrial parks (EIPs). It is inspired by Jurong industrial park in Singapore. A biodiesel plant is implemented into the system as a first step. OntoCAPE is adapted for the purposes of the biodiesel plant to establish a knowledge base, which is employed to carry out a number of applications via JPS. Firstly, information query can be performed. Information of the biodiesel plant can be extracted through natural language query. Secondly, JPS can be used to carry out process simulation. New process equilibrium can be evaluated after certain operation parameters change. Thirdly, process optimization can be realized through JPS. Optimal operation condition under different market scenarios can be obtained for the biodiesel producing process in order to reduce the energy consumption and achieve maximal plant profit. In addition, discussion on how the proposed approach can be applied to the design and operation of an EIP is also given.


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