Technical Report 40, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge

Modelling and validation of granulation with heterogeneous binder dispersion and chemical reaction

ref: Technical Report 40, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge

Authors: Andreas Braumann, Mike J. Goodson, Markus Kraft, and Paul R. Mort

Associated Theme: Particle Processes


In this paper a multidimensional model for binder granulation is presented. The particles undergo different transformations such as coalescence, compaction, and breakage. Further chemical reaction in the granules is taken into account in order to incorporate binder solidification which is observed to be a significant transformation in many industrial applications. The equations of the model framework are solved numerically with a direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) algorithm. In addition to the comparison between experiment and simulation, the model framework also enables the study of critical parameters in binder granulation such as reaction rate (solidification of binder) and size of the added binder droplets, which demonstrates its promising potential.

Material from this preprint has been published in: Chemical Engineering Science 62, 4717-4728, (2007)


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