Teaching Materials

CoMo Group Member teaching undergraduates

Various members of the Computational Modelling Group are engaged in the teaching of students at the University of Cambridge. On this page, you can find all the teaching materials produced by members of the group including lecture notes, examples papers and additional material. If you have any comments, or if you find any mistakes, please contact the author.

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Lecture Courses

Below are links to the individual course pages for undergraduate lecture courses given by Dr. Markus Kraft. Contained on these pages are all course materials, as well as links to third-party supporting resources. These pages are only accessible to users within the Cambridge domain, or those who have a Raven password.

Miscellaneous Supporting Materials

Undergraduate Courses

CETI - Error Analysis
CETI - Kinetic Theory
CETIIB - Optimisation

Postgraduate Course

Transferable Skills Training - Error Analysis