NanoDome User-Conference

A two-day workshop was organized and hosted by UCAM and CMCL in Cambridge at Møller Centre, from 03 to 05 September 2018. The end-user workshop was attended by the NanoDome project team, some members of the EMMC as well as external participants. Two members of the EAB also participated and presented their work during the workshop.

Day 1 started with a welcome and introduction from CMCL, following which the NanoDome project scope and overview was provided by UNIBO. Starting with the atomistic modelling perspectives CNR shared their key results and capabilities for the Si, ZnO and Pt/Al2O3 nanomaterials. CMCL's presentation entitled, "Role of chemical kinetics in nanomaterial synthesis", covered not only the salient results from the NanoDome project, but also their software use cases related to nanoparticle emissions from vehicles. UDE's state-of-the-art measurement systems (hot wall reactors, microwave plasma, etc.) and measurement techniques were described and Day 1 ended with a NanoDome industrial user perspectives shared by UMICORE, with the Si nanoparticles synthesis highlighted.

The morning of Day 2 focused on the NanoDome software demonstration and code structure presentation from UNIBO. The inputs and contributions from the partners to the NanoDome software were also emphasized by the project coordinator. The kinetics and MoDS software toolkits from CMCL, and in particular the advancements that were realized as a result of the work performed in the NanoDome project were presented. As part of the EAB, Prof. Shigeta delivered an engaging talk on nanosafety relevant to the welding processes. The subsequent session was dedicated to demonstrations and results presented by the Composelector project, VIMMP project as well as the marketplace and FORCE projects. Day 2 concluded with a presentation on the actions and activities of the EMMC and a thorough presentation on the EMMO by UNIBO.