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Reactor weblab

This section contains all the information you should need to perform the remote experiment associated with the Non-Ideal Reactors exercise of the Part IIA Chemical Engineering Tripos.


  • To determine rate constants for the reaction of phenolphthalein with hydroxide ions from batch experimental data.
  • To determine the behaviour of a non-ideal reactor by analysis of its residence time distribution.
  • To predict the conversion of the reaction when the reactor is operated in continuous mode.
  • To gain experience of industry standard process control software (SIEMENS SIMATIC PCS7).


The exercise itself can be downloaded as a .doc


Experimental data from the batch experiments can be found here. The data are in tab separated variable files, which are most conveniently opened and analysed using Excel.

Experimental data from the tracer experiments can be found here.

Experiment schedule

This exercise is issued on Friday 28th October and the report must be submitted to reception by noon on Friday 2nd December 2011. The experimental sessions start on Monday 7th November and continue until Monday 21st November. The experimental sessions are scheduled to last for two hours; if you work efficiently, all the necessary data can be collected in this time.

Experiment Signup

You have already been placed into groups of three or four. The group allocations are in the Excel document below.

The group listings and schedule for the Part IIA reactors Weblab can be found here (Excel document).