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Post Doc is now post doc!

11th April, 2008
Post Doc is now post doc! Picture

CoMo Group member Neal Morgan passed his PhD viva last week with his thesis entitled "Numerical Modelling of the Growth of Nanoparticles". This work was a world away from what Neal has been doing for the last 18 months in his role as a Marie Curie Research Fellow at Shell's Technology Centre near Chester under the E.U. FP6 "Transfer of Knowledge" (ToK) scheme...

Neal started his fellowship at the end of September 2006 on a project entitled "Optimisation of Fuels for Future Engine Technologies via Mixture Inhomogeneity Modelling". The original focus of the project was to use a newly developed kinetic mechanism for gasoline surrogate fuels in conjunction with the CoMo Group's SRM code to further our understanding of the ways in which HCCI technology reacts to the subtleties of how real fuels burn.