Andrew Smallbone


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Presently Andrew is a Visiting Fellow to the group and is a Principal Engineer based at CMCL Innovations in Cambridge.

Andrew is working with the CoMo group on developing advanced computational models for IC engines. Including fuel oxidation and emission formation models for conventional fuels such as diesel and gasoline as well as those for low carbon future fuels derived from alternative sources.

He is also active in the development of novel data storage, optimisation and model validation technologies.

Andrew graduated from the University of Southampton in 1999 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He then completed an M.Sc. in Combustion and Energy and then a PhD from the University of Leeds. Andrew then went on to a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Kyushu, Japan at the 21st Century Center of Excellence. He then went on to be Research Staff at Princeton University, U.S.

Research Themes

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Recent Preprints

146: Screening and techno-economic assessment of biomass-based power generation with CCS technologies to meet 2050 CO2 targets

ref: Technical Report 146, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge, 2014 by Amit Bhave, Richard H.S. Taylor, Paul Fennell, William R. Livingston, Nilay Shah, Niall Mac Dowell, John S. Dennis, Markus Kraft, Mohammed Pourkashanian, Mathieu Insa, Jenny Jones, Nigel Burdett, Ausilio Bauen, Corinne Beal, Andrew J. Smallbone, and Jethro Akroyd

128: The Carbon Footprint and Non-Renewable Energy Demand of Algae-Derived Biodiesel

ref: Technical Report 128, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge, 2013 by Pooya Azadi, George Brownbridge, Sebastian Mosbach, Andrew J. Smallbone, Amit Bhave, Oliver R. Inderwildi, and Markus Kraft

126: Algae under Uncertainty: The Future of the Algal Biodiesel Economy

ref: Technical Report 126, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge, 2013 by George Brownbridge, Pooya Azadi, Andrew J. Smallbone, Amit Bhave, Benjamin J. Taylor, and Markus Kraft

119: Techno-economic assessment of carbon-negative algal biodiesel for transport solutions

ref: Technical Report 119, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge, 2012 by Benjamin J. Taylor, Ning Xiao, Janusz Sikorski, Min Loon Yong, Tom Harris, Tim Helme, Andrew J. Smallbone, Amit Bhave, and Markus Kraft


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Address:Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research
Newcastle University
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