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Past Group Members

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Picture of Pooya Pooya Azadi+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for PooyaspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconMichael Balthasar Download a vCard for MichaelTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Philipp Philipp Buerger+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for PhilippTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Li Li Cao+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for LispacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Nick Nick Eaves+44 (0)1223 334786 Download a vCard for NickspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Peter Peter Grancic+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for PeterTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Vinod Vinod Janardhanan+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for VinodspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Neal Neal Morgan+44 (0)151 373 5639 Download a vCard for NealTheme iconspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Daniel Daniel Nurkowski+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for DanielspacerspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Ming Ming Pan+44 (0)1223 334786 Download a vCard for MingTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme icon
Picture of Robert Robert Patterson++49 (0) 30 20372 569 Download a vCard for RobertTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Sebastian Sebastian Schmutzhard+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for SebastianTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconAnders Selmer Download a vCard for AndersspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacer
Picture of Marko Marko Seslija+44 (0)1223 762785 Download a vCard for MarkoTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Ruiqin Ruiqin Shan+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for RuiqinTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Alastair Alastair Smith+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for AlastairTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Benjamin Benjamin Taylor+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for BenjaminspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Roger Roger Watson+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for RogerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacer
Placeholder iconClive Wells Download a vCard for CliveTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacer

Laboratory Technician

Picture of Silvia Silvia Gonzalez Calera+44 (0)1223 334786-334792 Download a vCard for SilviaspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer

Research Students

Picture of Ali Ali Aldawood+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for AlispacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Maria Maria Botero+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for MariaTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Andreas Andreas Braumann+44 (0)1223 334786 Download a vCard for AndreasspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacer
Picture of George George Brownbridge+44 (0)1223 370030 Download a vCard for GeorgeTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Matthew Matthew Celnik Download a vCard for MatthewTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Dongping Dongping Chen+44 (0)1223 762785 Download a vCard for DongpingspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Hassan Hassan Darian+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for HassanTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Jonathan Jonathan Etheridge+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for JonathanspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerTheme iconspacer
Picture of Benjamin Benjamin Funk Download a vCard for BenjaminspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Mike Mike Goodson Download a vCard for MikeTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacer
Picture of Christopher Christopher Handscomb+44 (0)1223 762785 Download a vCard for ChristopherTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Je Hyeong Je Hyeong Hong Download a vCard for Je HyeongspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Wongsathorn Wongsathorn Jiraphanvanich+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for WongsathornTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Catharine Catharine Kastner Download a vCard for CatharineTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Anthony Anthony Knobel Download a vCard for AnthonyspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Kok Foong Kok Foong Lee+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for Kok FoongspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Peter Peter Man+44 (0)1223 334786 Download a vCard for PeterTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Laurence Laurence McGlashan+44 (0)1223 762785 Download a vCard for LaurenceTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacer
Picture of Andrew Andrew McGuire+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for AndrewspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of William William Menz Download a vCard for WilliamTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacer
Picture of Weerapong Weerapong Phadungsukanan+44 (0)1223 762785 Download a vCard for WeerapongTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Abhijeet Abhijeet Raj Download a vCard for AbhijeetspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Markus Markus Sander Download a vCard for MarkusspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of <!--googleoff: index-->Ra<span>p</span>hael<!--googleon: index--> Raphael Shirley Download a vCard for <!--googleoff: index-->Ra<span>p</span>hael<!--googleon: index-->spacerspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Rebecca Rebecca Shaw+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for RebeccaspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Shraddha Shraddha Shekar+44 (0)1223 762785 Download a vCard for ShraddhaspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconJasdeep Singh+91 124 4185650 Download a vCard for JasdeepspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Haiyun Haiyun Su+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for HaiyunspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Tim Tim Totton Download a vCard for TimspacerspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Richard Richard West+1 617 373 5163 Download a vCard for RichardspacerspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Edward Edward White+44 (0)1223 334786 Download a vCard for EdwardTheme iconspacerspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacer
Picture of Ning Ning Xiao+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for NingTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Edward Edward Yapp Download a vCard for EdwardTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Zakwan Zakwan Zainuddin+44 (0)1223 334786 Download a vCard for ZakwanspacerspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer

MPhil Students

Picture of Obinna Obinna Acholonu Download a vCard for ObinnaspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Placeholder iconAndrew Akere Download a vCard for Andrewspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconPrathibha Dissanayake Download a vCard for PrathibhaspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconJean Helie Download a vCard for JeanTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Philipp-Maximilian Philipp-Maximilian Jacob Download a vCard for Philipp-MaximilianTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconSheryl Kuan Download a vCard for SherylspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Oh Min Oh Min Kwon Download a vCard for Oh MinspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Placeholder iconMartin Martin07942617230 Download a vCard for MartinspacerTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconSimon Schalit+44 (0)1223 762874 Download a vCard for SimonTheme iconspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Didier Didier Van-Aubel Download a vCard for DidierspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Vishal Vishal Vishe Download a vCard for VishalspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Min Loon Min Loon Yong+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for Min LoonspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer

Part IIB Students

Placeholder iconRyan Anderson Download a vCard for RyanspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Trinita Trinita Attanayake Download a vCard for TrinitaspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconAli Bahram+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for AlispacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Mathew Mathew Browning Download a vCard for Mathewspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Chris Chris Cheel Download a vCard for ChrisspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconGee Joy Cheuk+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for Gee JoyspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Marcus Marcus Clover+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for Marcusspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconRay Fan+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for Rayspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Alwin Alwin Fung+44 (0)1223 762785 Download a vCard for AlwinTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Placeholder iconWui Heng Download a vCard for Wuispacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconRui Hu Download a vCard for Ruispacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconRehan Hussain Download a vCard for RehanspacerspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconNick Jones Download a vCard for NickspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Chin Chin Kiattan+44 (0)1223 762785 Download a vCard for Chinspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconSeungki Lee+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for SeungkispacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconSzymon Leszczynski Download a vCard for SzymonTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacer
Picture of Yaoyao Yaoyao Liu Download a vCard for YaoyaospacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Charlie Charlie Macmillan Download a vCard for CharliespacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Kerry Kerry Maxwell Download a vCard for Kerry spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Oscar Oscar Maynard+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for Oscarspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Christopher Christopher Ness Download a vCard for Christopherspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconDenesh Omkararuban+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for DeneshspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Placeholder iconPolly Outram Download a vCard for PollyTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacer
Picture of David David Pennefather Download a vCard for DavidspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Aleksej Aleksej Popel Download a vCard for AleksejspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of John John Rallison Download a vCard for JohnspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Richard Richard Robinson Download a vCard for RichardspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Karen Karen Sim Download a vCard for Karenspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconAnnie Spencer Download a vCard for Anniespacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Renie Renie Spranger Download a vCard for ReniespacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Rachel Rachel Steinitz Download a vCard for RachelspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Kris Kris Stromdale Download a vCard for Krisspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconTolu Taiwo-Ashaju+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for ToluspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Daniel Daniel Tay Download a vCard for Danielspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconKhoon Teh+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for Khoonspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconRaymond Tsui Download a vCard for RaymondspacerspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Gavin Gavin Williams Download a vCard for GavinspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer


Picture of Alvaro Alvaro Carballo Garcia Download a vCard for AlvarospacerspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Luisa Luisa Carvajal+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for LuisaspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Martin Martin Chan Download a vCard for MartinspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Tatjana Tatjana Chevalier Download a vCard for TatjanaspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Aaron Aaron Coble+44 (0)1223 767866 Download a vCard for AaronspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Claudia Claudia Esarte Download a vCard for ClaudiaspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Markus Markus Hofmeister+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for MarkusTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Oliver Oliver Inderwildi Download a vCard for OliverspacerTheme iconTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Rebecca Rebecca Kächele+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for RebeccaTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconJoAnn Lighty+44 1223 334786 Download a vCard for JoAnnspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Meichen Meichen Lu Download a vCard for MeichenspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Luke Luke Miller Download a vCard for LukespacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconMaximilian Poli+44 (0)1223 Download a vCard for MaximilianspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of William William Price+44 (0)1223 762784 Download a vCard for Williamspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer
Placeholder iconAstrid Ramirez Hernandez+57 (4) 425 5304 Download a vCard for AstridTheme iconspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Jan-Georg Jan-Georg Rosenboom Download a vCard for Jan-GeorgspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer
Picture of Manuel Manuel Schmitt+49 (0)721 6087622 Download a vCard for ManuelTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacerspacer
Picture of Andrew Andrew Smallbone0191 208 4954 Download a vCard for AndrewTheme iconTheme iconspacerTheme iconTheme iconspacerTheme iconspacer
Picture of Alexander Alexander Vikhansky+44 (0)20 78825183 Download a vCard for AlexanderTheme iconTheme iconspacerspacerspacerTheme iconspacerspacer