The following publications have keyword/phrase "model optimisation":


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A Fast Detailed-Chemistry Modelling Approach for Simulating the SI-HCCI Transition,

Jonathan E. Etheridge, Sebastian Mosbach, Markus Kraft, H.Wu, and N.Collings, SAE Paper, 2010-01-1241

Moving Toward Establishing More Robust and Systematic Model Development for IC Engines Using Process Informatics,

Andrew J Smallbone, Amit Bhave, Andreas Braumann, Markus Kraft, Antonis Dris, and Robert McDavid, SAE Paper, 2010-01-0152

The future of computational modelling in reaction engineering,

Markus Kraft and Sebastian Mosbach, Philosophical Transactions 368, 3633-3644, (2010)

Automated IC engine model development with uncertainty propagation,

George Brownbridge, Andrew J Smallbone, Weerapong Phadungsukanan, Markus Kraft, and B Johansson, SAE Paper, SAE 2011-01-0237

Multi-Objective Optimization of a Kinetics-Based HCCI Model Using Engine Data,

Ali M. Aldawood, Sebastian Mosbach, Markus Kraft, and Amer Amer, SAE Paper, 2011-01-1783

A multidimensional population balance model to describe the aerosol synthesis of silica nanoparticles,

Shraddha Shekar, Alastair J. Smith, William J. Menz, Markus Sander, and Markus Kraft, Journal of Aerosol Science 44, 93-98, (2012)

Synthesis of silicon nanoparticles with a narrow size distribution: A theoretical study,

William J. Menz, Shraddha Shekar, George Brownbridge, Sebastian Mosbach, Richard K├Ârmer, Wolfgang Peukert, and Markus Kraft, Journal of Aerosol Science 44, 46-61, (2012)


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Microkinetic Modeling of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis over Cobalt Catalysts,

Pooya Azadi, George Brownbridge, Immanuel Kemp, Sebastian Mosbach, John. S. Dennis, and Markus Kraft, ChemCatChem (CCtC) 7, (1), 137-143, (2015)